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Quad FM3 Service


Quad FM3 Service

Our FM3 service from 110.00* + return carriage, includes: Fault diagnosis, replacement of out of tolerance (OT) components, including faulty indicator lamps*, and a full  RF, IF and stereo decoder alignment check & adjustment as required.

Even better, if you have your 3O3 and FM3 or 33 & FM3 serviced at the same time, the charge for a full service on both  is from 220 plus return carriage.*

To have all three fully serviced at once, 3O3, 33 and FM3, our charge is from 320  plus return carriage.*

Many FM3s we receive in for service require re-alignment. During realignment, at best, just a few couple of coil or trimmer adjustments are required.   On the odd occasion, we get a bad one where virtually all adjustments are out. This is usually due to, amateur twiddling or poor storage. One common occurrence, despite the stereo indicator suggesting otherwise, is the almost complete absence of a stereo image.   

As an option or if your lamps & holders are faulty, we can replace them with solid state led circuits. This is not simply replacing the filament lamps with LEDs. The tuning indicator modification incorporates extra components to offer a more positive on-off operation. 'On tune' both indicators extinguish completely, so no annoying flickering. 'Off tune' the right or left LED turns on indicating too high or too low frequency respectively. The LEDs we use are diffused types with subdued illumination.

The tuning LED colours:

Tuning pair:  Both orange, yellow or green, you choose, otherwise we fit at random

Stereo: Red





*The 'from' price is based on the approximately average price we charge for fully servicing these items. The actual cost will depend on the severity of the fault/s or condition of each item. If the cost is likely to go substantially over the 'from' price, after an initial inspection, we will inform you prior to service. 


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