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The list below is a chronological & random sample of email  testimonials received by our engineer Robert P. Beales

Hi Rob, thank you so much.
The boards arrived today. I put them in and the 405 sounds beautiful. I will have to listen to my entire record collection all over again. The service you provide is absolutely first class.
Thank you once again
Kindest regards

Hi Rob,
The Pioneer landed intact yesterday dinnertime. I have listened to FM for an hour or two last night and played a few CDs - loudly - and all seems to be well. In fact the newly repaired/adjusted 1050 sounds a lot crisper than my untouched 5580. Just to say thank you for your sterling work in getting this old amp` back to rude health, I honestly thought it was the end of the road for it after the debacle with the previous "engineers" incompetent efforts. I wish I had known about you before entrusting the amp` to them. Needless to say my amps will be trusted to you in the future.
Keep up the good work. Best regards, David.

Amps received and reconnected to rest of system and sounding notably cleaner that before, so can assume the new 405 components and general service to both amps has made a good sound even better.
Thanks again.Paul

Hi Rob,
Many thanks for the very nice job you did on my amp. I feel I can say with certainty that the amp sounds better now than it did before. I would like to make my satisfaction known and endorse your services - but where and on what site? Please tell me. I am very appreciative of the time and effort you must have spent working on my amp, which , was not reflected in what you eventually charged me. I hope all goes well and if I can help in any way please let me know.
Regards and many thanks, Charles

Hi Rob,
I can not resist to tell the music is so good. First CD is CHOPIN piano with the 34 and 405.2. It is much better than before about the faulty system (my own 34 + 405.2). It is no more hum noise from left speaker. I know I make the right choice to buy these amp all the way from UK and with your help in checking and upgrade.
It is a so lovely night!!! I will tell all my friends about your work and your web site.
Many many thanks, Addy

Hi guys, thanks for your quick reply, stunned and amazed at your honesty and knowledge and above all integrity!!!!! You could have said, "oh yes your old amp needs a total overhaul and every component replaced!", but you didn't! you actually said how well they were built in the first place and nothing should be replaced if its still performing well!!  I don't know how old you  are, but I thought guys with your way of thinking we were all dead!!!!!!! I will contact you soon!
Very very kind regards, Pete

Itís like having a brand new amplifier!............so natural and clear sounding.
Thank you so much.Karl

Hi Rob,
Received this morning. Sounds great.
Many thanks, Graham

Thanks Amp Labs.
The equipment just sounds so good now.
The speakers sparkle.
There is a casual oomph to the base on the surround sound system.
Great work. Thank you very much. James Taylor never sounded so good

Hello Rob,
Just to let you know that the amp arrived safely yesterday. Sounds great.

Hi Rob
I thought I'd put a few words down, as a thank you for the great work you did to my Nait as part of the service.
I've finally had a few hours to listen and I'm extremely happy with the results.
As I explained my main listening is network streamed lossless flac files played through my  DPA dac. Tonally there seems little difference (which I'm glad) but the speed or punch is just brilliant! . I can honestly say, I'm hearing more detail in each recording!
All the best, Ron Sutton

Hi Rob
Just to let you know that the amp is safe and sound. It sounds
fantastic, probably better than it did when I first got it?
 I still say that it is the best sounding amp I have ever owned!
Thanx so much for all your help and be assured that I will recommend you to all I come in contact with:)
Kindest regards, Miles

Just to let you know the amp arrived in good time and sounds fantastic- thank you so much!
kind regards, Georgina

Hi Rob,
Just to confirm that the amplifier seems to be its old self & is sounding great.
Many thanks. Roy.F

This unit really suits my Monitor Audio speakers - they are producing probably the best sound I've ever 'owned'!
Many Thanks/High Regards, Dave.

Hi Rob
I recently had my Technics SU-V8 serviced by you and I was just wondering if you could give me some advice on changing the DAC's in CD players.
By the way the amp sounds Great!!
Regards, Andrew

Dear Rob
Have received the Quad 33 and 303 today thank you.
 The 33 internal boards did not remain in place during transportation, which caused an initial flurry of activity but to be honest they were the second thing I checked.*
The amp sounds great and my ipod socket is working very well.
Best regards, Clive


Many thanks for the service- I hooked it up today and it sounds superb. Dials feel smoother, very nice job. Good luck with the ongoing health problems, I'll email back in six months to a year and, money and your health permitting, hopeful you can do the refurb for me.
Best wishes, Jonathan

Hi Rob,
Got it late afternoon yesterday. You really packed up the amp well!  The Amp sounds great and both channels working. Fantastic!
Thank you very much.
Thanks again!, James

Dear Rob,
hank you very much for servicing my Quad 303, it does indeed sound great, I'm delighted with it. 
Sorry it took so long to thank you for your work. 
Best wishes, Martin

Hi Rob
405 sounding wonderful again.
Many thanks for your 'stick-to-it-ivness' that is much appreciated.
Best regards. Paul

Hi Rob,
Just emailing to say how pleased i am with the amp.
the sound is amazing. Thanks for doing such a good job of fixing it
cheers Paul.





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