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Sending Equipment


Sending your amplifier via courier

If this is the first time you have sent  an amplifier via courier then it may seem like hard work, it isn't!  The tiny amount of effort when you pack your amplifier is nothing compared to the feeling you get when it arrives back freshly serviced and sounding as good as new!

To make the process really painless follow these basic steps:

  1. Printout and complete an  Amplifier Repair Request Form  or write your name, full postal address, telephone number, email address,  on a sheet of paper with your amplifier model, serial number and faults or requirements.  Your phone number is important for the return courier so please include either your main phone or mobile.
  2. If you don't have the original packaging or it is too flimsy, find a double walled box at least 5cm larger all around than the amplifier extremities. Place 5cm of infill material on the bottom of the box.
  3. Wrap the amplifier in a large plastic bag to prevent dust ingress and superficial scratches from the infill material (a large bin liner will do the job).
  4. Place your amplifier centrally in the box.

 If the amplifier is fitted with an old illegal non-insulated-pin 13 amp plug please remove it and bin it!  If the mains plug is a modern conformal type, wrap it in newspaper or bubble wrap and bury it into a corner of the box at the rear of the amplifier to  prevent it from damaging your equipment in transit.

  1. Now pour infill material all around the amplifier until it is more or less flush with the top of the amplifier and pack it down firmly making sure that control knobs etc are well protected.
  2. Now carry on pouring infill material into the box pressing it down firmly in layers until it is flush with the top of the box.
  3. Write on a piece of plain paper your name, return address and a brief description of the fault and place this on top of the infill. Click here for a ready made fault form for you to print and fill out.
  4. Fold over the box flaps and tape down firmly with self adhesive packing tape. Wrap the tape around the box in both directions to effect a firm package.
  5. Measure the dimensions of the box length, width and height in cm. and the approximate weight in kg.
  6. Contact your favourite courier to collect your package. Enter our address as the destination address and your courier should provide a printable address label. It is also wise to place your address (the sender) on a small label on the side of the box

Make out your destination address to:

Amplabs, 1 The Woodlands, 28 Main Road, Kempsey, Worcester, WR5 3NB UK


Insuring your amplifier against transit damage or loss

If you intend to send your amplifier by courier it really makes sense to provide enough insurance to cover the replacement value both to and from our works. (Prices below based on Interparcel.com  prices JAN 2013)

Coverage Extra charge
50 0
100 2.20
250 6.00
500 12.00
750 18.00
1000 24.00


Courier services

If you don't have your own favourite courier we recommend the UK online courier agent interparcel.

The Interparcel online system is very straight forward, with automatic address search via post code, automatic address label production and a wide choice of couriers and pricing options. Interparcel will contact the courier you have chosen to collect and deliver at a time of your choice.


Interparcel have major accounts with the world's largest and best courier companies. Thanks to their massive buying power they have secured huge discounts off their normal selling rates. This in turn allows them to offer you some of the lowest courier prices in the UK!  All services on the Interparcel web site are collected and delivered by most of the leading big brand courier companies. You can choose the courier, the type of service and the best price.  Once you have booked with them, your collection will be arranged directly with the relevant courier company. Your receipt and tracking number will be immediately emailed to you, allowing you to track the progress of your package through to delivery.

NOTE: We are not affiliated in any way with this company





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