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Equal Opportunity & Diversity Policy


Amplabs is dedicated to promoting and supporting equality and diversity in all our activities both within the company and the wider community.

We will achieve this by:

 Responding to and developing policy and practice

Engaging and involving all interested parties

Identifying, sharing and embedding good practice

Continuing to provide a quality service.


Amplabs is proud to support a multi-cultural community. We value diversity, and are determined to follow these fundamental principles: 

that we treat all individuals fairly, with dignity and respect;

that the opportunities we provide are open to all;

that we provide a safe, supportive and welcoming attitude to all; 

            that we remain committed to promoting and supporting equality & diversity.

 The company will:

1)      Maintain conditions in which customers, stakeholders and staff are treated solely on the basis of their merits, abilities and potential, regardless of gender, colour, race, age, socio-economic background, disability, religion, political belief,  sexual orientation or other irrelevancies.

2)      Promote the concept of equal opportunities in all advertising media, and support material.

3)      Maintain a work ethic that is self-critical, honest and transparent.

4)      Establish and maintain a system to evaluate our strengths and weaknesses and respond positively.

5)      This quality policy will be available to staff at all times and training will be an integral part of the strategy to achieve these objectives.




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