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33 Socket Upgrade



Quad 33 Rear Panel Socket Upgrade 33RPU


We are constantly asked if we can add phono (RCA) and IEC sockets to the 33, well we can.

 We do this by :

bulletRemoving the old plastic escutcheon.
bulletUnwiring and dismantling the rear panel.
bulletDrilling holes to accept the new phono sockets.
bulletCutting out slots to accept IEC mains in/out connect block.
bulletFitting a new label and adding the new connectors.
bulletRewiring mains and signal interconnects with new cable.


bulletIEC fused mains inlet in place of 3pin Bulgin plug and 20mm fuse holder.
bulletMulti IEC 3 pin 240V ac outlet to power Quad 3O3,tuner, etc. *
bulletThe old 'tape replay' input is now labelled CD/DAC. The sensitivity is set for high output sources like CD/SACD/Blu-ray and DAC output levels or you can still use it for tape replay.
bulletThe old tape record input is now labelled 'Select Out'. What ever source is selected is available as a monitoring/recording outlet.
bullet'Radio 2' input is now labelled 'TV/MP3'.
bulletThe new panel overlay is professionally reverse printed on matt plastic and does not have hinged doors as the original but flaps that flex outwards to accommodate the slot in cards.
bulletWe provide a mini sheet of stick-on labels to change the button functions as reqd.

The cost for this as a standalone upgrade (not in addition to a full service etc)  is 130.00.

In addition to our full  or ultimate service the charge is just 60.00 extra.

To order; simply add 'RPU' as a suffix to the service item code.

* We can fit 2 or 3 IEC outlet strips to your choice. The version with 2 IEC outlets allows a wider gap between the disc input and mains fuse so there is potentially less mains pickup compared to the original layout. Use the suffix, 'RPU2' or 'RPU3' on your service request form.


The old sockets and plastic rear panel removed from your Quad 33 will not be returned unless requested. We may use the old panel, if in good condition, for spares.



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